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artezen gallery gif artezen gallery 19 hotel lobby with a seating area and a large lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling hotel room with a queen bed and window to the right of it with two small plants artezen gallery 19 modern hotel room desk with a chair, lamp and ipad. close up of hanging art decor table with a small coffeemaker, coffee cups, chocolates and fiji waters Exterior of the oculus building in New York modern desk with a telephone, lamp and coffeemaker next to a large window. a bottle of champagne on ice with two glasses four people inside of yoga studio siting on their matts well dressed man and woman walking out of the Artezen hotel men dressed in suits shaking hands with two women watching them artezen gallery 22 artezen gallery 15 artezen gallery 13 artezen gallery 14 artezen gallery 17 New York Skyline artezen gallery 24 ice rink in Bryant Park artezen gallery 23 New York Skyline times square artezen gallery 20 artezen gallery 18 grand central station